Cyber Bullies ‘Animal Buddy’ Reported for On-going Harassment and Hate Campaign

Soi Dog denounce the Blog Written by ‘Animal Buddy’ and confirm they did not give permission for their name to be attached to this defamatory article written by  mother and daughter hate bloggers Karen Cole and Amber Donoghue

The Blog Animal Buddy has been written by poison pen cyber trolls mother and daughter Karen Cole and Amber Donoghue – both of whom have a history of running hate campaigns and cyber bullying. This matter has been reported to law enforcement.
Polite requests have been made  by myself and others to remove personal details and proven-inaccurate statements and articles . Neither Cole nor Donoghue will comply – instead they have responded to these  polite requests for removal of malicious falsehoods with abusive messages.

Cole  is a 65 + year old  woman  from the Dordogne region,  France. She has  never met me nor ever communicated directly with me or nor  had any past dealings with me. I would not be able to recognise her in the street.  Her stalking of me though,   includes stealing and storing my  personal photographs  and images on her home computer. It is still unclear exactly what she  or her daughter does with them. She admits  in writing to staying up all night alone collecting “personal data” about me and tracking my every perceived move and that of the social media pages of the NoToDogMeat Campaign (some 2000 screenshots) . Interestingly, she will only communicate with leading activists and known magazine publishers under her alias ‘Leslie Haupt’.

Donoghue,  her daughter who resides in the UK , equally assumes aliases such  ‘Kym Zacnete’  and ‘Mandy Friend’. She works – ironically – in a domain placed to promote charities, yet she uses her skills to destroy them – most odd and certainly not a reference for the establishment concerned.  By their own admission their stalking, or as they like to call it their  “tracking”,  with intent to destroy, started in May 2013, before our charity was even created.  Donoghue also admits she  is known for her temper which she ” tries” to keep under control and  not knowing what she may do next or is truly capable of has caused me and others deep anxiety.  Both individuals  have  drawn up and circulated  lists of names of individuals on their ” hit” list.

 Six written attempts have  now been made to politely point out the false statements, which are causing deep concern and distress , to ask them to remove these statements and personal information and to refrain from their harassment.

Polite requests have also been made by other writers to remove inaccurate posts – and despite the fact the quotes and articles they seek to rely on in their harassment  do not appear anywhere else on the web (their references therefore being false), Donoghue and Cole refuse to action the removal. There is response is to republish them further.

It is particularly sad , since one of the activists they have deliberately attacked is in her seventies .  The stress of the republishing of the libellous article by this mother and daughter cyber bully team has deeply affected her health and her impeccable reputation. The lady in question is also a pioneer in fighting the dog meat trade.

Cole and Donoghue have found it amusing to  republish  death threats against me and revelled in the staged burial of an 82 year old supporter of the UK registered charity in a picture for a Facebook page. They also conspired to publish my email address and personal passwords.

By continuing to  publish and republish false and defamatory statements with clear intent to harass and cause anxiety, they have breached  s 127 of the 2003 Telecommunications act.  Both have been made aware of the fact on more than one occasion  that their actions are causing deep distress and have been  politely asked to stop this harassment.

Somewhat surprisingly, Donoghue boasts publicly that she is above the law and in her view cyber bullying (when it comes from her) is not actionable. In her view the police would never find enough evidence to pursue her regardless of what she does.

During their 11 month hate campaign this mother and daughter have acted intentionally on more than one occasion to destroy the business of the people I work with, as well as hurting friends and family and their businesses. These individuals and companies targeted have never had any dealings with Cole or Donoghue and are completely unconnected to the charity I help to represent.

Even a disabled member of the NoToDogMeat UK registered charity has sadly been attacked by them and they routinely publish “jokes” about charity supporters with disability calling them “mental”.
No one is safe from their obsessive stalking and sadly no one knows why they have acted in this manner.   Donoghue, though,  has  admitted in writing  her own personal satisfaction comes from their efforts to destroy the registered charity and personally hurt me and that she is 100 % committed to fulfilling her mission of  hate.
Like most bullies intent on harassment this mother and daughter stalking team  seek to hide behind the anonymity of a computer screen and have declined all written   offers to meet myself or our charity trustees, who would have been glad to answer all legitimate questions.  Even the mother of the young student volunteer for the charity – who  they targeted for “replying impolitely” about exchange rates on a charity t shirt – has made herself available in attempts to pacify their obsessive vitriol.

I have personally never met either individual. Neither has ever contacted me directly nor had any direct dealings with the charity since its legal inception on May 24th 2013.   Neither have donated to the charity nor been involved in any aspect of the campaign.
I am told their pattern of behaviour is quite usual of cyber stalkers and it is unlikely their threats will materialise outside of cyber space. I hope this is true.
One can only hope their reign of hate  will eventually end,One year of daily cyber stalking and bullying is a long time and beyond  the comprehension of any reasonable person.
If any one wishes to contact me regarding this issue or the charity I help  represent, or has themselves been  a victim of cyber bullying or stalking, please email me via this page or call + 44 207 873 2250. I will be glad to speak to you and share your story.