Veterinarians agree ‘wet’ markets must close

For the third time in two decades that strains of Coronavirus have spilt over into humans. Veterinary research scientists advocate working closely with policymakers and sharing knowledge and experience. They agree that to promote sustainable measures to manage the environment and animal welfare in line with the One Health UN Global Goals there has toContinue reading “Veterinarians agree ‘wet’ markets must close”

Coronavirus: China Relaxes Social Distancing

For the first time since the outbreak began, in China there have been no new confirmed cases caused by local transmission reported for five consecutive days up to 23 March 2020. This is an indication that the social distancing measures enacted in China have led to control of COVID-19 in the country. At the peak ofContinue reading “Coronavirus: China Relaxes Social Distancing”

Coronavirus: China Bans Eating Wildlife — NoToDogMeat Blog

For years our charity has lobbied about the health risks associated with the way Asia tortures and eats animals indiscriminately. Now finally, as a result of coronavirus China has fast-tracked a decision to prohibit the consumption of wildlife and this law comes into effect immediately China’s wildlife trade and consumption industry is a multibillion-dollar industry […]Continue reading “Coronavirus: China Bans Eating Wildlife — NoToDogMeat Blog”

New Laws mean Music Publishers need to “clean up” MetaData to get paid faster

Now that the U.S. Copyright Office has designated the NMPA, NSAI, and SONA-backed Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC) to begin implementation of the Music Modernization Act (MMA), the time has come for the music publishing industry to get its act together regarding data.