Revoke Article 50 Petition

Proof over 4 Million people in just a few days signed a petition and verified their signatures to Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.

Brit or Bot?

Update – 15.48 Hours Friday March 22nd 2019:

Conclusions remain unchanged:

  • There is nothing to suggest bots based outside of the UK are impacting on this petition in terms of numbers of signatures and the figures of non-UK signatories are not significant.
  • The data available suggest that signatures are largely genuine and non-domestic signatures are indicative of ex-pats signing the petition.
  • We suspect that efforts may have been made to deny service to the petitions website, preventing users from signing the petition but restrict our view to suspicion in the absence of verified information.
  • It is clear that disinformation is being spread to attempt to discredit this petition by known disinformation actors.
  • Anyone claiming that bots are active either has access to data which isn’t publicly available or is aware or complicit in such activity.

The data was pulled for a third time and the JSON has been converted to…

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