December 2013

‪#‎NoToDogMeat‬ As this festive season is upon us time to say a Huge Thankyou to all the amazing volunteers worldwide who have built NoToDogMeat. Without the thousands of you who have taken to the streets, signed petitions, chipped in to the cause, tweeted, shared posts and worn t-shirts shouting out our message we would not be where we are today. Thank you also for the daily messages of encouragement we received via our website.
We have had amazing success for our first year and knowing our charity World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade has made history is an achievement we can all be proud of.
Earlier this year our CEO won an award from the New York State Bar Association for her work as a pro bono attorney. It was a proud moment for her but not as proud as knowing finally, governments are starting to listen to our cause.
On a legal aside we the Trustees formally state that neither Julia de Cadenet Esq. nor Kyenan Kum from IAKA have ever given an interview to Merritt Clifton from Animal People and both of them are 100 percent against the legalisation of the dog and cat meat trade,Legal action will be taken against Mr Clifton and a retraction and apology is sought from all individuals who are party to this libel.
A formal request has also been made to the two women who run the hate campaign blog animal buddy to remove inaccurate statements and comments issued in September 2013 under the name of NoToDogMeat but not written by us ( during the period our former Facebook was taken over). It is in extremely poor taste that these women would choose to discredit Ms Kum who has given 24 years of her life to ending the dog and cat meat trade. To date they have neither complied nor responded giving details of their own legal counsel, which ,if they truly believed they could defend themselves in an action of defamation they would have done so.

We will shortly be appointing an amazing new trustee who we are confident can help guide us with courage on the long road ahead.
Be sure as long as the dogs and cats in the meat trade are begging for their lives, we will never give up campaigning and fighting for their rights.
( new website for the World Protection coming soon)
The Trustees.
+ 44 207 873 2250

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