Animal People Newspaper formally apologise to Julia de Cadenet and Kyenan Kum


April 13,  2014

To Ms. Julia de Cadenet and Ms. Kyenan Kum,

   We, the Animal People, Inc. board of directors, formally apologize for the content of the article “New ‘anti-dog meat’ groups favoring legalization perplex veteran campaigners,” which appeared in the September 2013 edition of ANIMAL PEOPLE Newspaper. After extensive investigation, we have determined that several of the allegations contained in this article were made in error.

   In particular, we could not substantiate the claim that Julia de Cadenet, founder of World Protection for Cats & Dogs in the Meat Trade (WPDCMT), and Kyenan Kum, founder of International Aid for Korean Animals (IAKA), support legalizing the dog meat industry. There is no written record of either individual ever expressing such a position, or adopting it as organizational policy, whereas both have prominently opposed legalization on numerous occasions.

   The article also alleges that the Korean Animal Protection Society (KAPS) shelter is closed, and that WPDCMT is registered as a business rather than a charity. Both claims seem to have been based in faulty information. KAPS, founded by Kyenan Kum’s sister Sunnan Kum in 1982, is currently active, and its shelter remains in operation. WPDCMT has been registered as a charity under British law since May 2013.

   The article has been permanently removed from the online and Flashpaper editions of ANIMAL PEOPLE Newspaper. We sincerely regret having misinformed our readers, and offer our heartfelt apologies to Julia de Cadenet and Kyenan Kum for any damage they or their organizations may have suffered as a result.


Kim Bartlett, President

      Animal People, Inc. Board of Directors

  News for People Who                                 Care About Animals


P.O. Box 960

Clinton, WA 98236

Kim Bartlett, President:

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