Hollywood Says No To Dog Meat Today July 5th 6pm PDT!

Julia de Cadenet thanks big hearted Hollywood celebrities for speaking up for cats and dogs. I was overwhelmed when Hollywood Actress and animal-lover Fia Perera contacted me to say an event had been organised this #FourthofJuly to say ‘NoToDogMeat’. The timing could not be be better in the wake of Yulin’s Dog Meat festival and the forthcoming Korean DogMeat Bokdays. As a lawyer in the film business I know how busy performers are and to give their time so generously to to a charitable cause is amazing. We really hope 100,000 signatures will be raised on our whitehouse petition.
Respecting Culture can never mean condoning Cruelty

NoToDogMeat Blog

Fantastic news! Wonderful Hollywood animal Actor-vists Fia Perera, Lori Alan, Shannon Lee and Sky Valencia have organised a protest event to say ‘No To Dog Meat’ at the Hollywood Bowl today! The fight to end the suffering of millions of animals is so in need of amazing celebrities to speak out and gain worldwide attention for the cause – Thank You!

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