NoToDogMeat Charity Update


As soon as our report on the visit to China written by Mr Donkers has been discussed with the charity commission we will hold our press conference and update all donors.
We do wish to reassure you that we have the amazing help of local Chinese Welfare Groups and front line activists. When we visited Mrs Yang these kind individuals who run their own small shelters, who were present at #707,#809 and #816 rescues came with us. Many had volunteered previously at these yards and had donated personally to Mrs Yang and therefore know her situation much better than all of us.
These rescuers have committed their pledge to take care of the dogs and cats you may have seen through external sources. and can manage their upkeep and welfare.
Their kind actions will relieve perceived burdens on Mrs Yang and is an amazingly generous offer. No-one wants to see dogs and cats suffering slow painful deaths without food, water and medical care.
These wonderful individuals are highly respected throughout China and as a global activist and umbrella association it is our mandate to work where we can with trusted associates on the ground.
It is very sad that some individuals are deliberately spreading misinformation and are now discrediting these brave Chinese activists who risk their lives to save dogs and cats.
We would like to confirm that FACEBOOK and TWITTER is banned in China and our charity has not published any pictures or videos apart from those of the dogs rescued from the trucks we have decided to adopt.
If you do have a genuine question please phone us on 0207 873 2250 or email us on
Thankyou for your support.

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