The Daily Mirror Confirms Stalker ‘Dr’Daniel Allen LIED

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-23-58-54It has been a year since The Daily Mirror ran an article raising doubts about Mrs Yang, the Chinese Woman who defrauded the public and abuses animals she claims to have rescued.

Trolls including this man Daniel Allen who has stalked me online have tried to use this article to promote this animal abuser.Allen, went as far as to fabricate a complete lie that he was ‘hounded” for asking questions. He also stole my photo and placed it on his blog.Creepy behaviour from a man I have never met or spoken to.

I asked the Independent Press Complaints Commission to Investigate and they contacted the Mirror who confirmed in black and white DANIEL ALLEN LIED and they had never intended to cast doubt on the charity. Daniel Allen for some reason continues to promote his libel.

The Mirror intends to publish a statement to confirm the law on fundraising which will further discredit this man. In an email to me dated June 2nd 2016 Helen Odia confirmed.”we would be happy to publish a clarification to set out Ms de Cadenet’s position in relation to the legal point”

Odd behaviour from Daniel Allen . But a man who is neither a doctor nor vet who insists in calling himself a ‘Dr’  when it is purely an academic title gained from teaching  1st  year Geography at a former polytechnic beyond odd.

Despite his irrational hatred towards me and our charity we have gone from strength to strength and have built a wonderful shelter in China where 420 dogs and 36 cats rescued from the Dog Meat Trade are safe and well.

dogs saved

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