Julia de Cadenet : Dual-Qualified Lawyer Using her Skills in Advocacy to Help an Animal Welfare Charity.

Few qualified barristers choose to lend their legal skills purely to the voluntary sector but animal-lover Julia de Cadenet LLB( Hons) LLM is one of them. Julia de Cadenet is a dual-qualified lawyer who uses her skills in advocacy to lobby for those dogs and cats who find themselves part of the human food chain.

No stranger to pro bono work – in 2012 Julia was awarded the title of ‘Empire State Counsel’ by the New York Bar Association for her services in immigration – she has also worked extensively in Israel for the Bedouin communities lobbying for their land rights.

Like many other qualified barristers Julia currently pursues a career outside of traditional court room advocacy. She is fully permitted by the General Council of the Bar to act as a charity’s trustee and as its in-house pro bono legal counsel. Barristers are of course particularly welcome in the third sector.

It has been of particular distress that the actor Peter Egan chose to tweet in September 2013 in a deliberately defamatory manner that Julia de Cadenet had been disbarred to his 14,000 followers, or as he put it ”debarred”. This was and is untrue and created a falsely spurious impression – it has been harmful to the business of Julia de Cadenet, particularly since as a long standing member of Equity Julia De Cadenet routinely works with actors and film-makers speaking regularly at seminars to help artists to find their legal feet at home and overseas. Julia is also an accredited ‘buyer of films’ at the Cannes Film Show.Peter Egan also lied to the police and the press as part of his campaign to close the charity down.Really odd behaviour for a 70 year old retired actor.

Coping with the irrational obsession of the mother and daughter cyber bully team Karen Cole and Amber Donoghue who have been running an 37 month-long hate campaign against the animal welfare charity Julia represents has not been easy.  More odd was the geography teacher Daniel Allen who joined in with their lies.She believes, however, that it is a small and worthwhile price to pay if she can help raise the issue of the extreme cruelty the animals endure every day.

Yet one more time, formal requests have been made to remove defamatory tweets and false statements – this time it is hoped that these self-styled ‘Animal Buddies’ may finally comply

UPDATE: Despite being warned by Sussex Police to stop harassing Julia de Cadenet obsessed the obsessed cyber bullies continue to publish more and more rambling blogs.